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Auriou Drawknives

Auriou Drawknives

Auriou Draw Knives

Auriou's high quality, hand-forged tools are well known to discerning woodworkers, famous for their hand stitched rasps and rifflers Auriou are using their small team of highly skilled artisans to produce a small range of tools to balance their portfolio of tools.

Launched in Autumn 2010 these three drawknives have become a favourite in green woodworking circles.

The 9" long curved blade has a gentle radius and an effective blade angle that gives fast, controlled cutting.
Turned 5" French walnut handles with brass ferrules are spaced 13½" apart. There is a slight splay to the handles (about 8 degrees) which makes the action of drawing the knife toward you more comfortable. The draw knife comes honed and ready for use. Weight 0.5 kgs (1.2 lbs). The 9" straight blade drawknife has the same features.

There is also a smaller 6" curved blade drawknife with offset handles to assist getting into tight spots.

Hand forged at Forge de Saint Juery, France, home of Auriou Toolworks.

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