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Blue Spruce Toolworks

Blue Spruce Toolworks

Blue Spruce Toolworks - Company Vision

Blue Spruce Toolworks designs, manufactures and sells only the finest quality hand tools for the discriminating woodworker. They manufactue chisels, malletts, marking knives and awls. Blue Spruce tools are a return to the cabinet shops of old where beautiful works were created by craftsmen working quietly and skillfully with hand tools at a sturdy bench, with natural light streaming in through multi-pane windows. Every cut, every curve was carefully shaped by hand using keenly sharpened tools. Those tools beautifully combined form with function and were a joy to use. When completed, the master craftsman would hand sign his work knowing that he had given a part of himself to create it; knowing that his work would be used and enjoyed for generations.


Click on the picture above of the Blue Spruce factory to read a Christopher Schwarz blog on his visit there.