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Woodwork School Testimonial

Adrian Potter's Classes
I would like to encourage anyone who likes timber or who is interested in learning a new skill to enrol at the Henry Eckert Woodwork School. Under the instruction of Adrian Potter I was able to create a shaker table. I have learnt basic skills of construction being mortise and tenon joints, dovetails as well as sawing, chiselling and basic machine operations. In addition Adrian was able to instruct me how to French Polish my table giving me the skills to create a product I am truly proud of. These skills are ones that I will be able to take into my future projects. Thanks again for a really enjoyable and satisfying course.
Regards, Tim (below)



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Knew Concepts Fret & Coping Saws

Knew Concepts Fret & Coping Saws

Knew Concepts is a company founded by Lee Marshall, 'the saw guy'!

Lee is a particularly good toolmaker based in Santa Cruz, California. He started making presses for the USA jewellery trade, then aluminium and titanium saws for the jewellery trade and finally a woodworkers fret saw.

We love using Lee's saws to clean out dovetails, shaping and other tasks, his saws are by far the best we've seen.

We have found that major hardware chains (eg Bunnings) stock Eclipse (UK) fret saw blades which work very well in the fret saws and are inexpensive.

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Knew Concept 3" Fret Saw with Swivel Blade.
3" Fret Saw with Lever Tension and Swivel Blade Clamps. Designed to swing the rear of the frame o..
AUD $ 195.00
Knew Concepts 5" Fret Saw with Swivel Blade
The Knew Concepts 5" Woodworker Aluminum Saw with Cam-Lever & Swivel Blade Clamps. The Woodwo..
AUD $ 199.00
Knew Concepts 8" Fret Saw with Swivel Blade.
    The Knew Concepts 8"  Aluminum Saw with Cam-Lever & Swivel Blade C..
AUD $ 229.00
Knew Concepts 6 1/2" Coping Saw
  6½" Coping Saw with Cam-lever & 360° Rotation Blade-Hooks  The blade is t..
AUD $ 295.00
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